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Founded in 1984, UNICOR can look back to more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of corrugators for the production of corrugated pipes. Since 2012, UNICOR has been part of the Grazer Armaturen Werke (GAW) industrial group, thus strengthening its global presence and development capacity.

UNICOR is located in Hassfurt, Germany, where its headquarters as well as its manufacturing and development centre are located.

UNICOR offers individual corrugators for integration into existing or new extrusion lines, as well as turnkey projects for the manufacture of corrugated pipes for applications in the infrastructure sector, whether for the transport of liquids or cable protection/installation, automotive or medical, or others. All this is complemented by the after-sales service, offering the necessary spare parts to guarantee a long service life of the corrugator.

UNICOR excels by being able to offer corrugators in different sizes, from the most compact ones, for pipes of Ø3 mm (inside), to the largest ones, for pipes of Ø1800 mm (outside). All corrugators can be individually tailored according to customer specifications and integrated into line controls via standard communication protocols. In addition, the molds are permanently water-cooled, which guarantees constant production and high output.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us or visit www.unicor.com

Small-sized corrugators

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