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Backed by more than 30 years of experience, CCA GmbH has developed reliable high-performance solutions for plastic pipe extrusion. Their high-quality adjustable calibration sleeves are used successfully all over the world to optimize complex production processes.

Customer consulting, sales and service are managed centrally from their facilities in Löhne, in the north of Germany. In addition, CCA GmbH has competent partners in the US, Asia, Arab countries, and Europe.

CCA GmbH develops their own patented adjustable calibration sleeves to precisely match the customer production requirements. After analyzing the raw material input and speed, the wished pipe diameter and wall thickness, the extrusion line output and length of the cooling lines, CCA GmbH proposes you the best suitable adjustable calibration sleeve, covering all SDR classes for a constant outer diameter. Upgrades from conventional to adjustable calibration sleeves are also possible.

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Conventional Calibration Sleeve

Adjustable Calibration Sleeve

One-Point Adjustment

Adjustable Calibration Sleeve

Two-Point Adjustment

Adjustable Calibration Sleeve

Four-Point Adjustment