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Bartell Machinery Systems has been a global leader in highly-engineered industrial manufacturing solutions for over 75 years. Since its inception in 1967, Ceeco has worked continuously to develop industrial solutions focused on winding and stranding of wires and cables. The incorporation of Ceeco in 2003 has served to further develop Bartell’s already strong position as an industry leader and desire for innovation.

Bartell’s offices, R&D department, Sales, Support and Manufacturing are based in Rome, New York.

The Bartell portfolio, focused on the cable industry, consists of high-speed twinners, roll form strander systems, single and double twist stranders, rigid and planetary stranders, Interlock armouring lines, as well as pay-offs and take-ups among other products.

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High-speed Twinners

Roll Form Strander Systems

Single or Double Twist Stranders

Rigid or Planetary Stranders

Interlock Armouring Lines